Minecraft Saver!

As wonderful as Minecraft is, sometimes crap happens and you end up losing all your precious work. Sometimes you just built something cool, or have spent months and months building your world. It’s not just time spent, but it’s art. If something gets lost, rebuilding it never quite seems the same. But there is hope!

This website was made in honor of the work done on Support and Survival forums of Minecraftforums.net

I provide map support for ALL map versions:
Retail 1.2 – 1.8 (Anvil format)
Retail 1.0 – 1.1 maps (MCRegion format)
Beta 1.3 – 1.0 maps (MCRegion format)
Beta 1.2 and earlier (prior to MCRegion, chunk format)

– World save disappeared from minecraft, but the save file still exists in your computer
– World immediately goes to “Saving Chunks” when you load it, or does that when you walk near a particular area
– World loads normally, but you or mobs cannot move, but you can still interact with your inventory and the environment you can reach
– Giant bedrock deep holes in your world
– Lag issues in SSP, or slow loading worlds
– Items in inventory or in chests from old mods causing the game to crash
– Massive (hundreds) of mob or animal spawns
– 1.1 or earlier map crashes while converting to 1.2 Anvil format
– Often can fix ‘null pointer’ errors from SMP

– Launcher, Java, Video Driver, OpenGL errors, or Minecraft crashing due to mods, or issues with internet or server latency issues.
– Account or Website problems

– Your world name
– Your email
– A small description of your problem, eg “my world disappeared” or “I can’t move” or “my game crashed and I can’t play now”
– World Type (Please note if its a Creative or 1.7/Older world!)
– A zip file of your save. (how do I do this?)

– Fixes usually are done within 2-3 days. If it takes longer, or there’s a problem, I’ll let you know. If you don’t hear from me within a few days, submit another request (And note that you have not received a response). I have had people input the wrong emails, and I have no way to contact them.
– Fixes that are the ‘Wont Show Up In Minecraft’ problem will lose their world seed. Unless you have an older save to work with as well, or know the seed #, or the name the seed used, this cannot be remedied. The map can be recovered, however the seed will change, sometimes causing odd biomes, or strange terrain generation afterwards. You will also lose all items in inventory. If there is anything special you want, just request it. Most people don’t care about that, and if they know how to use INVEdit, they’re gold anyway to restore items. I am also now including an MCSaver.net Care Pack to any maps that lost their inventory.

– While I may be able to fix these issues, I have no idea how to prevent them. My best recommendation is to BACK UP YOUR SAVE. Once a week is fine. More if you like. If your world goes corrupt again, either just repost or use the fixed version I provided.
– I do not, and cannot gaurantee anything. Sometimes acts of the digital gods are beyond our power to alter.
– I do not work for, or communicate with Mojang. I’m simply providing a service of my own free will and enjoyment.
– This is all stuff people can, in theory, fix on their own. I enjoy doing this even if it seems like it keeps me busy. If you want to know what I do, feel free to ask.
– If the above ‘can and cannots’ dont fit your problem criteria, feel free to ask. I have over twelve years of professional computer tech background. The worst that can happen is being told “I’m not sure how to fix that, try going here or there”

DONATIONS! Do you like my work? Did I save you months of building? Do you want to make me happy AND do a good service? I accept paypal donations of any type. 50% of all donations go to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. I recently visited the wolf sanctuary and decided that some of the Minecraft community’s good will should be directed there. I still wholly support Child’s Play Charity, and if you want your donation to go there, just let me know.

SO! Here’s the form. Fill it out, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

World’s Name (doesnt need to be exact)

Link to your world zip (mediafire is preferred)

Your contact email

A brief description of your world and problem

World Version:
World Type:

How did you hear about MCSaver.net?